Blood tests

But My Pet is not sick!  Why do I need blood Tests?

Your Pets can’t talk to us and there are limitations with a physical examination.  Along with a detailed history from you, we check many things such as eyes, ears, teeth and listen to their heart and lungs. We feel their abdomen for abnormalities and their lymph nodes for enlargement. A thorough physical examination can tell us a lot about the health of your pet but not everything! Parasite control is important too for overall health; fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm.

This yearly physical health check is really important and at Bohle Vet we perform a thorough examination at every Vaccination. There is however limitations as to what we can discover because our patients can’t tell us how they are feeling. Some things don’t show up on a physical examination, for example; internal organ function.

There are many reasons Dr. Richard will recommend blood tests. He may recommend them if your pet is physically unwell or to screen for illness before any physical symptoms are present. At Bohle Vet we believe in giving best medicine care where ever possible as we take our job as animal advocates very seriously.

Idexx Veterinary Pathology has just completed a large study in the US. Over 200,000 dogs and cats were tested and they found as many as 2 in 5 pets (older pets more so than younger ones) had blood results outside the normal range with no clinical signs present. When we are able to collect this information, it is possible for us in many cases to put in place an individual plan for your animal to keep them healthier and happier for longer by treating disease early.

We get just as distressed as you when your pets come to us unwell. At Bohle Veterinary surgery we recommend preventative screening tests for your furry family members as part of our overall aim of keeping your pets as healthy and happy as possible for life.