Ear infections

With the heat and wet weather we have been experiencing recently, ear problems can occur in our pets.

Signs to look out for include:

- Scratching at ears (sometimes crying or whining when doing so)

- Shaking head

- Holding ear differently from normal

- Bad smell and discharge arising from ears

- Redness in ear

If your pet has or is doing any of the above signs it is best to make an appointment for us at Bohle Vet Surgery to examine the ears.

When we investigate ear problems we commonly take a sample with a swab and stain it for examination under the microscope. This allows us to identify the causative agent and tailor the correct medication to clear the infection. 

Ear infections can be caused by different types of bacteria, yeasts and parasites. Treatment and duration of treatment will depend on which ones they are and the severity.

It is recommended that the ear is rechecked at completion of the treatment to make sure the infection has been eliminated. Sometimes the ear may look really good externally but infection is still present deep in the canal.

If you think your pet has sore ears please give Bohle Vet Surgery a ring on 4751 6677



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