Senior season

Seniors Season!

1st of June 2019 till the 31st of July 2019


Bohle Veterinary Surgery has developed some Senior Pet Health Package for dogs and cats over 7 years of age this winter. Preventable disease is on the rise. There has been an increase in canine and feline diabetes, Kidney disease, Heartworm disease, dental disease and the diseases associated are also increasing in prevalence.

Kidney disease is a lot more common in cats than it is in dogs and is one of the leading causes of death in cats. It is estimated that almost 400,000 cats in Australia may have chronic kidney disease, with many not showing any clinical signs.1- 4   Most cats diagnosed and treated in the early stages of chronic kidney disease, can have a longer life expectancy. Cats diagnosed in later stages tend to live less than 6 months after diagnosis.  A lot of cat owners don't realise their cat has kidney disease as they don’t appear unwell initially.

A health check and blood tests are a great way to better understand your pet’s general health and may alert you to early stages of chronic disease. Early diagnosis of conditions often leads to more successful treatment and management to slow disease progression and give your pet the best quality of life into their twilight years. As pets age quicker than we do, the Australian Veterinary Association recommends more regular testing.

We consider blood work an “internal exam.” It provides an important baseline for your pet’s health. Blood work allows us to screen for a variety of diseases and conditions that may not be evident in the physical exam. In addition, we can use these test results in the future to monitor her health

We evaluate the healthiness of blood cells with a complete blood count (CBC), testing for: • Anemia • Infection • Inflammation.

We evaluate organ function through a series of comprehensive chemistry tests: • Liver—liver function, inflammation, infection and cancer • Kidneys—kidney function, kidney disease, cancer • Pancreas—screen for diabetes, pancreatitis, cancer • Muscle and bone—muscle damage, trauma or inflammation and healthy bones • Electrolytes—hydration of the body, imbalances affecting blood pH as well as nerve and muscle function.

We evaluate the urinary system by way of a urinalysis: • Urine Specific Gravity (USG)—concentration of the urine • Microscopy—cell identification • Urine test strip—can help identify diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract.

We are offering three packages for senior pets with 20% off!

BEST – Consultation, Total annual health profile including Thyroid test, CardioPet (Heart test), and Urine analysis. Nail clip, check ears, dental check.

BETTER – Consultation, General health blood profile including Thyroid test, and Urine analysis. Nail clip, check ears, dental check.

GOOD – Consultation, Minor health blood profile, PCV/TP, and Urine analysis. Nail clip, check ears, dental check.

Also if your Senior pet hasn’t had the yearly heartworm injection, we are offering 50% off heartworm testing when booking for the yearly SR12 heartworm injection.


All participants will also receive a complimentary Seniors package.

AND they will go in the running to WIN a Senior Pet Hamper valued at over $250.00. This includes; yearly vaccination voucher, yearly SR12 Heartworm voucher, Royal Canin food voucher, and a bunch of other goodies!!


Prize Drawn 1st August LIVE on our Facebook page


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