Osteoarthritis in pets

Osteoarthritis and your pet

With advances in medicine and nutrition, pets are now living longer. It also means we have more opportunity in their senior years to keep them comfortable and happy.

Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the bones and joints. It is associated with deterioration of joints and causes pain or discomfort.

Animals show pain in lots of different ways, some of which are obvious and others more subtle. Often the signs develop over a long period of time and the owners think of it as being a normal part of the aging process.

Symptoms in dogs include:

  • Stiff or Limping
  • Having trouble getting up or lying down
  • Less active
  • Chewing or licking at joints
  • Irritable
  • Swollen joints

Symptoms in cats include:

  • Reluctant to play or jump
  • Not grooming properly
  • Inactivity
  • Stiff or limping
  • Irritable
  • Swollen joints

How this pain may affect your pet

  • It may stop your pet doing what they enjoy
  • It could prevent your pet from being active
  • It may change the way your pet walks, runs or lies down

Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. Being proactive about it can slow down the degenerative changes, help protect the joints and give your pet a better quality of life with less pain.

How can we help?

There are lots of ways in which Bohle Vet Surgery can help your pet.

  • First we will need to diagnose the problem and this may involve taking X-rays and a physical examination
  • We will then dispense medications to relieve the pain, slow down the progression and help regenerate the damaged cartilage
  • Give advice on rest, exercise and physiotherapy
  • Give advice of weight management.  Many arthritic animals are also over weight and this can worsen the condition
  • Give advice on making your house comfortable for your pet. Arthritic pets can benefit from soft bedding and ramps to get to their favourite resting spots

If you have any concerns that your pet might be showing signs of osteoarthritis please ring Bohle Veterinary Surgery in Deeragun to book an appointment for a check up.